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New windows will save you money

To further prove that we are the best in Kodiak, AK, for a large variety of home renovations, Bernie Brothers also offers our customers door and window installations. While you’re enhancing the exterior of your home, new windows can be an amazing addition that will have the entire neighborhood in envy of your property.

If you’re already remodeling your home, having professional window installations can be a game changer. We often don’t realize how big of a difference the windows of our home can make until we see the finished results, and we guarantee if you hire us for new window installation, you will be completely satisfied with the final product. We promise to stick to your budget and will do our best to get the project completed within the agreed upon time frame.

Window installation

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From one or two windows to window replacements for your entire home, we are your team. Whether you’re modernizing the style of your home or preparing to put a property on the market, we can handle any job, no matter the size. Let us show you what your windows can be. Give us a call now for more information on the options and rates we have to offer you.

Window Services offered

  • Window Installations
  • Window Repairs
  • Replacing Broken Glass